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HPCSA awards 14 CPDs for the complete series

We are living through a global challenge where our individual and collective trauma layers are being reactivated. This webinar series will run for eight consecutive weeks launching on the 17 June. The series will combine a number of pre-recorded talks, as well as a weekly live webinar with a Q&A opportunity to engage with the individual speakers.

Line up:

Wed 17 June @ 11h00 | Angie Makwetla: When home is not a haven- Gender-based violence and its impact on the child  

Wed 24 June @ 19h30 | Alon Skuy & James Oatway: Telling our uniquely South African stories through photographs-  Xenophobia

Wed 01 July @ 19h30 | Professor Andre Venter: The body bears the burden: the impact of trauma on development

Wed 08 July @ 19h30 | Dr Shona Fraser: Exploring our biological imperative for safety: Attachment theory & Polyvagal theory and its implications

Wed 15 July @19h30  | Yochi RessAttuned Mindfulness- exploiting the science of sound to bypass the 'monkey mind'

Wed 22 July @19h30  | Francesca ChetwinBuilding communities of care: Attachment Aware Schools

Wed 29 July @ 19h30 | Heather Finn: Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART) model Approach to transforming Childhood Trauma and its implications for learning

Wed 5 Aug @ 19h30   | Beit Issie ShapiroMultisensory Therapeutic Environments

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When Home is not a Haven: Gender-Based Violence and its Impact on the Child

Angie Makwetla

Angie Makwetla is the South African Human Rights Commissioner. Her portfolio is responsible for the rights of children and migrants in South Africa. Angie has been affected by gender-based violence on a personal level too and the Makwetla family has had to lay to rest two family members who were both victims of femicide. In her book Femicide, Angie Makwetla pens a personal account of a family tragedy. Through her work, she seeks to inform and heal. She notes that our: “children are survivors and healing has to be passed on to the next generation”.

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Xenophobia: A Photographic Exhibition

Alon Skuy and James Oatway

Two of South Africa’s leading photojournalists will showcase part of their exhibition “Killing the Other”. The exhibition exposes the xenophobic attacks that swept through South Africa from 2008 up until present day. The exhibition lays bare the brutality of the xenophobic attacks. The photos provide a warning against the dangers of discrimination, indifference and othering.

Join Alon and James for a live webinar on Wednesday 24 June at 19h30 as they showcase their exhibition which lays bare the brutality of the xenophobic attacks.

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The Body Bears the Burden: Unpacking the Impact of Trauma on Development

Professor And Venter (Developmental Pediatrician)
HPCSA Awards 2 CPDs

This presentation will address the impact of trauma in the first 1000 days of life. It will explore the impact of the toxic uterus. Further, it will investigate the impact of abuse and neglect on the developing brain.

Professor André Venter was the Academic Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health at the University of the Free State. His special area of interest is child development and he obtained his Doctorate in 1991 in this field at the University of Alberta, Canada. 

You will receive a prerecorded presentation on 24 June 2020 followed by his live Q&A live webinar on a week before his live webinar on Wednesday 01 July at 19h30. 

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Exploring our biological imperative for safety: Attachment theory and Polyvagal theory

Dr Shona Fraser (Neuropsychologist)

HPCSA Awards 2 CPDs

Shona completed her PhD in Neuropsychology and she currently works on the Wits Academic Hospital circuit and is a member of staff at Tara Hospital.

Social connectedness evolved as the primary biological imperative for mammals in their pursuit of survival. Shona's presentation will explore how both attachment theory and polyvagal theory provide a biological basis for social behaviour and will look at an intervention strategy to enhance positive social behaviour.

The pre-recorded presentation will be sent to you on 01 July 2020 and the live Q&A webinar will be held on Wednesday 8 July 2020 at 19h30.

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Attuned Mindfulness: Exploiting the Science of Sound to bypass the 'monkey mind'

Yochi Ress, Clinical Psychologist
HPCSA Awards 2 CPDs

Yochi is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist and qualified musician who has established himself as a uniquely innovative leader and team facilitator. Stress and trauma are global pandemics in a world of increasing uncertainty, complexity, pressure, and rapid change which can impact on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. The key is to learn how to disrupt our response habits, adapt fast and manage the impact of stress on all levels– at home and at work, so we don’t remain inflexible and reactive. his presentation will also look at how sound and music can deepen personal and organizational effectiveness.

The prerecording will be available to you from 08 July 2020 followed by his live Q& A webinar on Wednesday 15 July at 19h30.

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Creating Communities of Care: Attachment Aware Schools

Francesca Chetwin (Clinical Psychologist)

HPCSA Awards 2 CPDs

This presentation will provide insight into what an ‘Attachment Aware School’ (AAS) involves, and how the AAS interventions assist ‘hard to reach’, distressed and disruptive learners to experience safety, success, and enjoyment in learning. There is substantial evidence that children relate to teachers and learning in the school environment in line with their attachment style.

Francesca Chetwin is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Johannesburg. She has a deep and abiding interest in Attachment Theory, having conducted her MA research in Attachment in the Apartheid Archives Project at Wits University. She is currently completing her PhD.

 Francesca's pre-recorded presentation will be made available on 15 July 2020 followed by her live Q&A webinar on Wednesday 22 July at 19h30. 

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Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART) approach to transforming childhood trauma and its implications for learning

For more on SMART, click on this link: 

Heather Finn (Psychotherapist)
HPCSA Awards 3 CPDs

This workshop will focus on exploring the foundational role that somatic regulation plays in supporting children impacted by Developmental Trauma (DT) to access necessary cognitive and relational capacities for learning and growth. SMART is an innovative therapeutic approach developed to expand the repertoire of regulating experiences for traumatised youth. The presentation will assist participants to learn to identify and use tools of regulation within the classroom and home settings to support youth engagement and learning. This is an innovative therapeutic approach developed by clinicians who initially met at the Trauma Centre in Boston, founded by Bessel van der Kolk.

The pre-recording of this presentation will be available from 22 July 2020 followed by a live Q&A webinar on Wednesday 29 July at 19h30.
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Multisensory Therapeutic Environments

Beit Issie Shapiro and Bellavista Experts

HPCSA Awards 3 CPDs

Beit Issie Shapiro is well-known as the pioneer and developer of Issie Senses - a Multisensory Therapeutic Environment (MSTE) Methodology, which transforms the unique multisensory environment into a therapeutic tool. The MSTE is proven to dramatically impact the sense of wellbeing of children and adults with disabilities, allowing their individual potential to surface. The Methodology's three-pronged approach combines multisensory equipment and room design (hardware), unique software, and therapeutic processes. The presentations and panel discussion will focus on the use of Issie Senses as a therapeutic approach and intervention model, highlight the Bellavista experience, and touch upon dilemmas from a multi-disciplinary perspective. 

Bellavista S.H.A.R.E. and Beit Issie Shapiro are excited to launch their joint Issie Senses Training Institute which will provide consultation, training, and guidance to organizations and professionals interested in establishing an Issie Senses Program in South Africa.

Beit Issie Shapiro is a pioneering leader and innovator for children and adults with disabilities, impacting half a million people annually. The organization provides services that change lives and export best practices for a more inclusive society around the globe.

Beit Issie Shapiro has guided the establishment of over 400 multisensory rooms and its unique methodology is being used in therapeutic centers, hospitals, homes for seniors and schools, to treat people with a wide range of sensory and cognitive difficulties, and even burn victims and people with dementia or cancer.

The 2 hours pre-recording of this presentation will be made available from 29 July 2020 followed by the live Q&A webinar on Wednesday 5 August at 19h30.