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Online Talk

Beyond courage and beyond perseverance, lies the concept of grit. Something that can develop regardless of intelligence or fate. Professionals and teachers around the world are saying that the number one thing to a successful future is grit. Angela Duckworth says it so beautifully when she describes grit as "sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality.” In this talk, Alison Scott takes the viewer on a journey of grit - where it comes from, how it develops, and what we as professionals and parents can do to instill this essential value into our children's lives. 

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As Coronavirus spreads throughout the globe, we are surrounded by tragedy and uncertainty.  We find ourselves navigating an unknown territory that changes daily. It appears no one is immune to an increase in stress and anxiety. We have in effect been called on to parent amidst a crisis. This is new and daunting for us all.  Through our COVID19 resources, we hope to offer parents and professionals some resources and ideas to help us find some sense of anchoring and connection during this stressful time.

With the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa, many schools have been faced with the enormous task of 'going online'. At Bellavista SHARE we would like to make this journey into distance learning easier, and we are providing simple step-by-step tutorials and tips that may help you find your feet quickly and effortlessly in teaching online. 
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This is a short course for parents on how to do paired reading with your child at home. Paired Reading is an evidence-based approach to reading that benefits the child's reading fluency, reading comprehension, and self-confidence. It is a fun bonding time with no added school pressures. 

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Speaker: Hennie Vorster

Fathers (or other close male role models) have a crucial role to play in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of young people. In this informative talk, we examine the difficulties that may arise from a lack of positive male role models for children, while exploring practical tools to assist parents and educators as they seek to foster positive male role models in their children’s lives.

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Speaker: Tammy Copeland

In this presentation, Tammy  explores some of the parenting literature with a focus on the significance of the attachment relationship, the development of self-esteem and building independence.  She also explores some common parenting dilemmas.

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Online Course

Speaker: Mrs Alison Scott

Bullying rightly gets a lot of attention in schools and we are quick to implement programmes to ensure safe learning spaces, and also to develop assertiveness skills in the children. What doesn’t get attention is that bullying happens at every level, and leaving school doesn’t mean you won’t experience a bully again. Seldom does a school’s code of conduct deal with boundaries that protect the teacher or therapist from bullying. Bullies grow up, and their attention can turn to the teachers that care for their child. Assuming dominance, these parents (and their child in cases) can erode the esteem and energy of a teacher who needs to create his or her own boundaries and steer away from a victim mentality.  This workshop attempts to define bullying, consider strategies for assertiveness and explore ways to have tough conversations that resolve issues in the interest of good relationships around the child.

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